Oestrus Checker · Intelligent Oestrus Checking Assistant

Control the estrus of sows with one machine

  • Sow estrus monitoring

  • Best time to breed recommendation

  • Breeding task reminder

  • Four intelligent sensors

    3 optical sensors + high-definition intelligent camera

     Real-time image data collection of sows and the intelligent model to accurately calculate the sow estrus index, not relying on experience to check estrus.

  • Intelligent estrus identificatio

    24-hour round-the-clock monitoring of sow estrus status, breaking through the time limit of manual estrus detection.

     Automatic data collection and processing, accurate calculation of the sow's estrus index using an algorithmic model.
     The best time for breeding is calculated by the equipment, and the APP automatically pushes the breeding task.
     Reduced frequency of human-pig contact, lowering the chance of sow stress and disease transmission.
     Simple installation and easy operation

  • Reminder of optimal breeding time

     When monitoring 90% of the estrus index of sows, the algorithm recommends it as the best time for breeding, with a blue light at the top to remind breeding, and the system synchronously pushing the breeding task to the cell phone APP.

  • Conception rate increases by 5%-10%

     Reduced manual misjudgment, omission of checking and breeding.

     Significant increase in sow conception rate

  •  light failure warning

    Red light at the top of the unit alerts to servicing in the event of equipment failure