Customer Service
  • Only 5 people are needed to manage 1000 sows.
    Annual income per sow is estimated to be 1,281 yuan.
Pre-sales service
  • 01Demand communication

    Face-to-face communication, in-depth understanding of customer business requirements

  • 02On-site research

    On-site survey to assess all aspects of the customer's pig farm

  • 03Program customization

    Customize the intelligent pig raising solution according to the customer's needs and research results.

In-sales service
  • 01Hardware installation

    The hardware is delivered to the customer's pig farm on time and in good quality, and the delivery team is stationed at the farm to guide the installation and debugging.

  • 02System configuration

    On-site data configuration and system initialization

  • 03Delivery training

    Deliver hardware and software solutions, and provide training on use and maintenance, enabling customers to use FPF products effectively.

After-sales service
  • 01Hardware warranty

    Hardware products are warranted for one year free of charge, and accessories are replaced at cost after the warranty period.

  • 02Software maintenance

    Support APP, web background and other software updates and maintenance.

  • 03Rapid response

    For any problems encountered in the use of the process, we are committed to the shortest possible time to arrange for experts to answer for you. Customer hotline: 020-88520901