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The most important indicator to measure the profitability of a farm is the PSY (number of piglets weaned per sow per year) and the PSY can only be significantly improved by maximizing the accuracy of sow estrus checking and the conception rate rather than minimizing the number of production days. Limited by manual experience and technical level, the effectiveness of traditional estrus checking can suffer from omission of checking and breeding, and the recruitment and training costs of excellent Oestrus Checkers are high. How can novice pig breeders be trained to accurately check estrus and breed in a timely manner?
 Combining the data of over 10,000 sows in estrus accumulated by leading pig enterprises over the years, Yingzi Technology has innovatively developed an artificial intelligence algorithm model for estrus checking and independently developed a patented hardware product, Oestrus Checker, which realizes the replacement of manual estrus checking by equipment through the combination of "soft and hard". The sows' estrus behavior is monitored and collected round-the-clock by the Oestrus Checker, and the estrus checking algorithm intelligently judges the estrus index of the sows and calculates the best time for breeding. When the estrus index of the sows reaches 90%, the Oestrus Checker will light up to remind breeding and push the breeding task to the breeder's cell phone app, so that the novices can also achieve accurate estrus checking to reduce the omission of missing checking and missing breeding.

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It has been proven in practice that the conception rate of intelligent estrus identification sows with the use of Oestrus Checker can reach more than 90%, which is higher than the average level in the industry.