Problems Solved

Feed costs in the traditional farming industry account for 70% of the farming costs. Because of the different nutritional needs of individual pigs at different stages, weights and gestational ages, the traditional common feed production and batch feeding methods will cause a large amount of feed waste, resulting in high farming costs, and the nutritional needs of pigs are not met to the maximum extent.
 The core of FPF Precision Nutrition Solution is the precise nutritional algorithm model for pigs at different stages and gestational ages, which has been precipitated by countless experiments and application practices of the industry's outstanding breeding groups and top agricultural universities over the years. Based on the precise nutrition algorithm model of pigs, employing the Internet of Things, cloud computing and other industrial Internet technologies, and integrating AIOT hardware equipment such as precision feeder,  lactation feeder and sow scale, the overall solution of intelligent adjustment of sows' body condition, individual precise nutrition management, precise automatic feeding and free feeding can be realized.
 It allows pigs to eat whatever they need and whenever they need; it allows pigs to eat whatever they want and whenever they want.

Application Scenarios
User Interface
Program Benefits

 Reducing feed waste, saving 0.2 kilograms of feed per pig per day.
 Improving feeding efficiency, saving feeding labor time 1 hour per day per day.
 Reducing labor input, requiring only 5 people to manage 1,000 sows.