Problems Solved

Traditional large-scale farms manage pigs in batches, not individually, with the following drawbacks: pig identity, location changes, business operations, etc. need to be recorded manually, easy to make mistakes and omissions; incomplete and untimely input of business data into the information system; lagging business reports cannot reflect the problems in time, making it difficult to guide the business to improve.

 The FPF intelligent farming solution includes various types of card reader and RFID electronic ear tag for pigs, which can be combined to realize individual pig management, i.e. reading pig ear tag number in one second, quickly correlating pig file, pen position and business information; automatically recording and uploading data without manual input; automatically generating business reports to improve management efficiency; and comprehensive, timely and effective data to drive business transformation.

Application Scenarios
User Interface
Program Benefits

Realization of individual identity management of pigs, boosting the rough management to fine operation.

Realization of automatic data recording, automatic generation of reports, significantly improving the efficiency of pig farm management.