Precision Feeder · Intelligent Feeding Assistant

Save labour and feed to help sows eat well and grow fast.

  •  Precision Nutrition 

  •  Intelligent Feeding

  • Intelligent sensor

    Automatic sow data collection and uploading

     LAN wireless connection to cell phone APP and cloud
     Real-time monitoring of sows' body condition, position, feeding amount and other parameters

  • Intelligent and precise feeding

    5L large volume, timed and quantitative automatic feeding, saving time, energy and worry.
     Equipped with a precise nutritional model that combines with the gestational age and weight of the sows to automatically generate feeding programmes to control body condition without relying on experience.

  • Reduced labor and feed costs

    Reduced labor and feed costs
     Automatic delivery and unloading to reduce feeding labour.
     Reduced feed waste and meat production cost
     Feeding error ≤ 50g, unloading error ≤ 100g

  • 3.5" high-definition LCD screen

     Real-time display of feeding amount, temperature and humidity data.
     Automatic generation of sow cycle feeding curve and 24-hour history environmental temperature curve

  • Three-color LED light

    Flicker alarm in case of equipment failure