Sow Scale · Intelligent control of fat status

More than just sow weighing

  • 母猪动态称重

  •  Individual sow identification

  • Individual sow identification

  • Individual sow identification

     Individual identification of sows in combination with electronic ear tag
     Automatic uploading of sow ear number, weight, batch and number, no need to record manually.

  • Intelligent sow fat control

    Automatic analysis of sow fat according to prenatal and postnatal body weight data, with the use of Precision Feeder and Lactation Feeder, to realize intelligent fat adjustment.
    Intelligent matching of sow body weight, gestational age and feeding curve for fine management of individual sows to improve sow production efficiency.

  • 99% accuracy in dynamic sow weighing 



  • Craftsmanship

    High-quality aluminum, precision welding, waterproof and anti-corrosion
     Removable battery, low power consumption and strong endurance
     Up to 10 days * 24 hours of continuous operation