Piglet Scale · Intelligent Analysis of Body Condition

Record every gram of piglet growth

  • piglet dynamic weighing

  • Intelligent analysis of body condition

  • Unique basket frame design 

     2 unique basket frame designs for both born and weaned piglets.

  • 99% accuracy in piglet dynamic weighing 

    Dynamic and fast weighing, automatic recording of weight and numbers
     High-speed MCU with 100 samples per second, 24-bit acquisition accuracy, one-key tare available

  • Automatic recording of piglet weight 

     Wireless connection with cell phone APP and cloud, intelligent reading of piglet weight
     Automatic uploading of piglet weight and numbers, no need to record manually.

  • Craftsmanship

    High-quality aluminum, precision welding, waterproof and anti-corrosion
     Removable battery, low power consumption and strong endurance
     Up to 10 days * 24 hours of continuous operation