Ear Tag & Card Reader · Production Management Assistant

  • Anti-counterfeit and tamper-evident ear tag

  • Whole life traceability

  • Quality Assurance

  • Automatic Identification 

    RFID electronic ear tag with handheld and fixed card reader form an individual sow management system that automatically identifies pigs with a recognition rate of over 95%.

  • Intelligent Space Transfer 

     Simple and fast upload of pig position change data record via card reader, increasing transfer efficiency by 80%.

  • Accurate Data Acquisition

    The complete identification information of pigs can be retrieved in 1 second through the card reader, with 0 reading error, realizing the business record accurately

  • Anti-counterfeit and tamper-evident ear tag

    Each pig has a unique, traceable, identity-coded anti-counterfeit and tamper-evident ear tag for encrypted two-way authentication.

  • Whole life traceability

    The electronic ear tag code runs through the whole life cycle of the pig, associating pig status, source farm, veterinary medicine and vaccine information, which is used for pig circulation supervision and pork traceability.

  •  Quality Assurance

    Unique anti-dropout design, waterproof grade IP67, dropout rate <3/10000.